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Basic Interior and  Exterior Detail 

Class covers an introduction to process based detailing of interiors and exteriors recommended for new employees who will be performing in house detail services for car washes and car dealerships and/or for someone that is just entering into the detailing industry. 

Full Interior and Exterior

This course covers the intermediate & advanced methods and 
fundamentals of Interior Detailing and Exterior Detailing recommended for employees/individuals who have already completed the Basic Interior & Exterior Detail training. 

Paint Correction and Swirl-Free Finish 

Class covers several steps required to do a full paint correction. Including: 1.Inspection

2. Paint Prep

3. Decontamination

4. Correction

5. Protection

This class also identifies all typical damages and impurities of the paint itself.

Paint Correction and Full Exterior

Class covers all steps taught in "Paint Correction & Swirl Free Polish" as well as traditional headlight restoration, trim and bumper restoration, best practices in glass polishing, and tire dressing.

Sports Car Interior

Headlight Restoration 

Class covers the traditional method of headlight restoration and introduces the advanced method using the Presta Re-Nulite sealant for extended clarity protection.

Wet Sanding and Intro to Buffing 

Class is an introduction to best practices of wet and dry sanding of newly painted panels and severally damaged aged paint.

Paint Protection and Ceramic Coatings 

Class covers all aspects from waxes, paint sealants, hybrid protectants, and finish with a complete hands on application of ceramic coating

Interior Protection and Coatings

Class covers all different interior protectants from leather to fabric and the proper methods of application. 


Window Tint

Paint Protection Film and

Vinyl Wrap

Proper application process to applying window tint, paint protection film, and vinyl wrap.

Body Shop Safe Detailing Systems

This class will give you an overview of all Body Shop Safe detailing products and systems to use for interior and exterior. Presta Pace Ultra 2-Step Buffing System.

Autoglass Rock Chip Repairs 

This course is an excellent way for detailers to learn a new skill to expand the list of services for their customers.

Specialized Courses

We offer specialized courses on detailing on the following: 

  • Spanish Classes  

  • Company Training

  • Entry Level Training 

  • Car Enthusiasts

  • Car Clubs

  • Onsite Training at your location. (Conditions apply)  


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